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a global company
Founded in 2017, Uubi Pro provides professional marketing / consulting services for our clients in the West European Real Estate industry while keeping fun and passion in our work. With our continuous growth we keep the focus on delivering high quality services and our international environment.
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A global company
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At Uubi Pro, you will become a part of our international working environment with the focus on passion, flexibility and fun!
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With our head office based in The Netherlands, we bring you into an international company with international standards.
A global experience
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what our employees say...
“I have spent more than three years working and accompanying the development of our company UubiPro. I have always been happy with this job for many reasons. Among the big reasons why I continue to stay here are: - Dynamic, fun and sociable working environment. A company with young people who understand, help and grow together at work. - I feel the efforts for the company's development come from the company's leaders. They create favorable conditions both professionally and mentally for all employees of the company. We are very grateful for that. - I see the growth potential of the company. I believe in the direction, sustainable and long-term development orientation of the company's leaders. Above all, I believe that I can contribute to the growth of our company. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.”
Anh Duy - Photo
“There are many things that make me proud to work at my company, but some of the things that stand out most are: I have a great benefits package, the culture of teamwork is have many different departments and support each other in work, the working space is comfortable and complete equipment . So those things help me a lot at work.”
Hieu Anh - Artist Impressions
“The company has such a great environment that inspires everyone of us to dedicate more and more. Great Bosses lead us throught hard time of global pandemic and the bussiness still run very strong. Professional in details. Task is not just a task but a mission and it should be done perfectly. Finally, things may come, things may go, but love remains in everyone soul.”
- Minh Nhut - Floorplan
“I have been working with Uubi Pro company for a year. From the day I started working in Uubi Pro, I found our company extremely hard working and constantly striving. The working environment is really comfortable and fun, everyone gets along and helps each other. However, unexpected things will happen, but it won't be a problem if we unite to solve and overcome it. At Uubi pro company, I really have a good time, good experiences and have good colleagues. I hope that I will always accompany you for a long time and try to develop the company together.”
Ngoc Khoa - Floorplan
"Youthful - Energetic - Friendly are 3 words that i want to talk about Uubi Pro. Since working here, I'm happy that I've had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful and interesting people. The working environment is very comfortable. It gives a considerably contribution to employees's work performance. Although the company has faced some challenging times, I still believe that we'll get through it. Join Uubi - Joy of my life."
Thanh Truc - Floorplan
"Uubi prouds of active creative friendly environment , especially the co-workers relationships. Board of Management always encourage & figure out difficulties and solutions suitably to provide co-worker the best working place. The company creates chances for employees to be themselves and natural friendly. Modern facilities allow workers to experience software & soft skills of Zibber. Besides, the company supplies fresh dining space with enough tools for meals. You could enjoy delicious foods with beautiful sightseeing views. Uubi company always welcome young talents with enthusiasm and responsibility together build up one big corp in near future."
To Quyen - Artist Impressions